Stygian Crypts and Shining Heroes

Entering Phaervorul

After returning Vier’gara to the realm of the living, the heroes entered Phaervorul, and began exploring the Low District.

Low District

Slave Quarters

Upon entering the town, the heroes began exploring the low district. The first building they came upon was a walled compound atop a slight rise. After seeing movement inside, and the large set of doors open, the heroes moved to investigate.

The heroes found themselves inside a courtyard, covered in bedrolls, blankets and partly devoured drow guards, flanked by two savage minotaurs and a war troll! Along the battlements were goblin archers.

The heroes had apparently interrupted a slave revolt. Not looking to remain enslaved, the building’s denizens fought savagely, to their untimely end.

During the battle, a mind flayer approached the party, and attempted to capture and feed upon one of the heroes. Fortunately, teamwork prevailed, as the heroes were victorious!

Ruined Merchant House

After putting down the slave revolt, the heroes moved to the nearest building, a fine house upon a flat-topped bluff. Upon closer inspection, it was plain to see that the front door was missing, and the surrounding frame had been destroyed.

Moving inside, our heroes discovered several undead ghouls. While attempting to destroy them, the heroes were attacked by a hook horror and a vrock.
Klyred was finally able to get into position to invoke Melora’s wrath upon the undead, and soon putting down the monsters was quick work.

While inspecting the house, the party discovered a trapdoor set into the floor in the corner of a storeroom. Once they were able to force it open, they found a drow slave named Zaelin, formerly of House Adinklyrve, who hid before the attack. The heroes were barely able to get her to calm down enough to speak! She finally related only that undead and demons were responsible for the attack, and that a fearsome drow vampire led them.

Rumors Of An Exarch To Orcus

Tessount’s Folly

After leaving the mine, a messenger greeted Klyred, and told him that the sage Valthrun the Prescient sent them the following message:

“Honored heroes, Your deeds speak well of your good intentions and your concern for the civilized lands. I write to you to ask for your help in a most troubling matter. For the past several days, I have observed a glittering, red streak in the sky. Last night, the red streak flared like a star before disappearing from the sky. If my readings of the Analects of Tzunk are correct, this heralds the appearance of a great evil in our land. I dare not reveal what I know in this letter for fear it may fall into the wrong hands, but I beg you to make due haste to my tower in Winterhaven.”


The heroes travelled to Winterhaven, and shortly after their arrival were treated to a great feast, during which Klyred reminisced about saving the town of Winterhaven by defeating Kalarel early in his career.

After eating, Valthrun told you the following:

  • Because of Valthrun’s research and after consulting with an archmage from the Therund Barony via magical means, the sage is convinced that the events in the night sky foretell the rise of a new exarch of Orcus.
  • Undead have once again been drawn to the ruins of Shadowfell Keep, an ominous sign of Orcus’s growing power. Valtrun was searching for a party of heroes to re-explore the Keep, to evaluate or defeat the threat.
  • Valthrun completed a series of divinations that revealed the location of the exarch’s arrival, a point somewhere beneath the Cairngorm Peaks. The Miser’s Pit, a shaft that extends deep into the Underdark, is perhaps the best place to begin searching for this new, evil being.

Valthrun was saddened by the fact that he could not provide the party with monetary or magical reward, but he did implore the heroes to help quell this impending attack.

Knowing an entrance to the Underdark could be found under Thunderspire Mountain, the heroes discussed with Valthrun their idea to travel directly to the Seven-Pillared Hall, in lieu of searching the Peaks for this Miser’s Pit. The sage agreed with their line of reasoning.

Thunderspire Mountain & The Seven-Pillared Hall

After weeks of travel, and then a short meeting with the Saruun Mages, the heroes learned that the Mages had recently dispatched Onotor, one of their own, to attempt to establish a trading alliance with the Drow.

The Mages warned the heroes that rumors of an undead army, strong enough to threaten the surface world, had attacked the Drow outpost of Phaervorul, where Onotor was sent, and they feared for his life. Upon hearing the name Phaervorul, Vier’gara also became worried, as her estranged family lives there.

The Mages then supplied the adventurers an iron pendant, shaped like a spider. They told Klyred that this was a diplomatic pass, a symbol that will allow them to pass safely through Drow territory, and give them a chance to parley with the Drow.

After the meeting, the heroes went to the Halfmoon Inn, to meet with Rendil and Erra Halfmoon, and to hopefully find a guide.

Vadriar the Sage offered to take the heroes into the tunnels to locate Phaervorul. Despite his curse, which leaves him in a constant state of agitation and fear, Klyred remembered that Vadriar knows the passages beneath the mountain better than anyone else.

The Underdark

After traveling for two and a half days, the heroes reached a crossroads, where a ghoul and three battle wights was attacking a Drider and her Drow snipers. The party called out to the Drow, and joined their battle against the undead. Vadriar decided to return to the Hall at this point.

After the skirmish, the drider directed the heroes down a specific passage toward Phaervorul, but mentioned that they could not guide the adventurers, as they needed to remain there and prevent any undead from leaving the area.

Eventually, the heroes came upon a bridge:

The passage opens onto a yawning chasm, easily 100 feet across and dropping away into darkness. A wide stone bridge arches across the rift to a cavern on the far side. There, red light swirls through the air to reveal a ghastly scene.

What appears to have once been an Underdark outpost is now a sprawling battlefield wreathed in smoke and a sin- ister glow. Buildings set atop numerous bluffs rising from the rough stone floor burn and smolder, and the destruction appears widespread along a huge rise in the center of the cavern. Atop that central bluff stands a temple of black stone in the shape of a spider.

The heroes were attacked by the bridge guardian, a demonweb terror who was set against intruders, to prevent them from entering the outpost. In addition, three Chwidenchas attempted to capture the heroes, and pull them under the bridge. During the battle, Vier’gara was knocked off the bridge and died.

The heroes had to retrace their steps to a safe area so that Klyred would have the time to cast the ritual that would bring Vier’gara back from the dead.

Mine Cart Chase

The cultists attempted to escape via mine carts. The heroes pursued them relentlessly. Several cultists were thrown from their carts as the chase sped up, down and around the caverns.

After a couple of minutes, the tracks suddenly ended in a broken section, with a huge gap to the next section of track. The cultist leader was unable to stop his cart in time!

Eibon’s cart plummeted to the bottom of the 60’ chasm. Lukey attempted to stop the heroes’ first mine cart, but was unsuccessful, and jumped out. Garyn went over the edge in the cart.

Klyred stopped his cart, but decided to dive to the bottom of the chasm to help Garyn. Vier’gara was not off-put by the large distance to Eibon, who had regained his footing after his fall.

After defeating Eibon, and recovering the skull, the heroes began the long hike back to the Ossuary.

When they arrived:

As you approach the ossuary, you are surprised to hear voices from ahead. Drawing close, you see figures hard at work around the statue. Valmour and a group of miners have managed to unhook the statue from its golden chains and are in the process of toppling it.
But before you can interrupt, Valmour suddenly screams. Wreathed in the acrid smoke vented from the statue’s mouth, his skin begins to blister and boil. His bones warp as first he, then the others, are transformed into twisted ones by the power of the tomb’s dark curse.

Eight of the miners emerge from the smoke with bone spurs jutting through their misshapen flesh. One has grotesque distended jaws and clutches a staff made of its own bones. Two have transformed to creatures of ogrelike proportions, muscle writhing beneath their skin. Valmour’s misshapen body is wreathed in the glow of purple lightning as he suddenly wheels toward you. With a shriek, he and the others attack.

Valmour and his crew put up one heck of a fight, but in the end were vanquished.

The skull was returned to it’s resting place, thus ending the curse. Klyred and Garyn worked to seal the tomb again, to deter future looters.

Descending Into The Mine

After descending into the lower loading room, the heroes were assaulted by several cursed destrechans.

The party began to discover than the mine itself was cursed!

After travelling down the tracks for a long time the party encountered a ladder left behind, dropping from the tracks 40 feet down to the cavern floor. As soon as Garyn regained his footing at the bottom, he was rushed by three wights. One of the was Skahlton Gairg himself, the former crew chief who led the rescue party! Apparently, these three were killed in some horrible fashion by undead, and then somehow raised to “greet” intruders into the depths of the mine. The heroes are certain this was Gairg, as they found his wallet on him after defeating him.

Just beyond the wights was an uncharacteristic smooth section of the mine, with an open passageway and a once-sealed entrance.

The straight-walled tunnel opens into a huge cavern whose floor is a macabre carpet of bones. What must be the skeletal remains of thousands of creatures are strewn from wall to wall, piled so thickly that there is no sign of the real f loor beneath them.

In the center of the chamber rises a jet-black pedestal. On it stands a huge golden statue of a hideous demon, hunched and stooped. Gold chains as thick as a human wrist truss the statue to the outer cavern walls by its hands and feet, while a fifth gilded chain binds the creature to the pedestal floor by the throat. The expression on its face seems broken and defeated. Thin coils of sulfuric smoke vent from its nostrils and lips.

Here the heroes were attacked by several undead, including two bone nagas. During the battle, Vier’gara was afflicted with the curse, after getting too near the acrid smoke coming from the statue. This time, however, Vier’gara was able to overcome the curse on her own.

After a mighty battle, the heroes vanquished the undead, and disovered a tomb underneath the statue.

Runes on the base of the statue read:

Woe to those who seek to call forth the Prophet before the time of reckoning, for they bring upon the world a plague of curses. None shall find peace until the Prophet sleeps.

Lukey recalled the following, from a tavern tale he heard once:

Upon his death, Oenamagros’s mage-priest servants bore his remains to a secret tomb, so that when the time of the new prophecy came, the high prophet could be called forth to speak the wisdom of the ages and open the way to the future. Using powerful rituals, his servants placed wards on his tomb that would curse any creature attempting to call forth the prophet before his time. In the end, Oenamagros would rise once again to complete his final prophecy and usher in a new age of wisdom.

Upon entering the tomb:

The glass walls of the cylinder are faintly etched with hundreds of mystical runes. Beyond the glass is a wall of tightly packed bones, the charnel floor of the chamber above descending to a depth of 50 feet here. At the base of the cylinder floats a black iron sarcophagus, suspended upright by an unseen force.

The perfectly symmetrical sarcophagus is cast to resemble three humans facing outward. Their arms are locked, bodies and heads meshed into a single being. The figure is garbed in strange robes and hundreds of metal rings. A crack along the side of the sarcophagus suggests that it can be opened. Beneath the sarcophagus, you see a small pile of ash and bones.

The bones and ash accounted for an entire skeleton, except the skull was strangely missing.

Moving on past the ossuary, the heroes came upon a couple of miners attempting to defend a small fortified wall. Before they could do anything, two boneclaw guardians and four flaming skulls attacked the two miners, and destroyed them. As combat began, the flameskulls nearly decimated the party by unleashing four simultaneous fireballs. The heroes defeated these creatures handily, though.

After moving on, the party discovered that this corridor led to a dead-end, except for a section of raised track above them. After climbing the wall, the party moved across the track. Garyn discovered that the tracks had been sabotaged, after nearly falling through a section. He was able to grab on and pull himself up.

At this point, moving back across the now-repaired tracks, the heroes decided to make camp. Six uneventful hours later, they were ready to continue searching for the miners, and the cultists.

After crossing the tracks once again, they came to a fork in the tracks. After travelling north about 50’ the party heard gutteral howling and the sounds of scraping stone up ahead.

A wall of rubble blocks the passage ahead, aging mine machinery crushed beneath it. Before the wall, misshapen creatures claw at the stones, howling as they try to tear their way through. At intervals, pulses of black light flare at holes in the rubble wall, knocking the twisted ones back. Someone is behind the rubble, and fighting for their lives.

The heroes dispatched several twisted, cursed creatures before the miners emerged from behind the wall to assist with the combat. During the battle, several of the party members were cursed.

As soon as the miners escaped from the makeshift fortress they had created for themselves, the heroes decided to investigate, and discovered more creatures. At this point, the “miners” ran past the heroes, exposing themselves as the cultists, and escaped into a couple of mining carts down the tracks!

Entering The Mine

The heroes traveled to Tessount’s Folly, a a failed copper mine to investigate rumors of cult activity and attempt to find some missing miners.

Valmour Tessount hired our heroes, with an upfront payment of 2,000 gp to find his missing miners. The party deduced that Valmour was hiding something, but couldn’t find out what.

After speaking with Valmour, the heroes walked the camp a bit, discussing the issue with the miners, and trying to get a feel for the situation.

As you wander the camp in preparation for your descent into the mine, you realize that Valmour’s fear is symptomatic of the unease his workers feel—and that the prospector appears to know more than he lets on.
The undercurrent of fear among the miners turns on suspicions not of monsters or magic in the mine, but foul play among the workers themselves. Though most of the workers know each other from the mining towns that dot this region, a number of recent hires were strangers who kept to themselves. A large number of these outsiders were among the groups that disappeared.
A few miners also speak of rumors that Valmour knows the mine contains something far more valuable than ore. Indeed, most of the work the miners have done so far seems to have less to do with seeking new veins than with exploration of the old caverns that failed when the mine was first built.

After entering the mine, passing through a supply room, our heroes spoke with a group of miners.

“Gairg was as good a miner as they come. What happened to his rescue team, I don’t know. That first bunch was green as new grass, though. City boys who ran out of regular work and figured they’d go underground. I figure they took a wrong turn down a deadfall shaft. Just a shame Gairg and his crew got lost looking for them.”

Soon after, large booming explosion rocked the mine, cutting off one of the tunnels, and trapping some men behind the cave-in. Our heroes spent about an hour helping the miners dig out their fellows.

The heroes soon discovered that someone was marking the mine signs to show a path through the mine.

They followed the path they had discovered, and were almost trapped by another cave in. It will be a bit difficult to leave the mine (through Area 7).

Just past the cave in, our heroes encountered a haggard, wild-eyed man who immediately attempted to flee. Obviously a miner, and nearly scared to death, he recounted the following:

“I was on crew with bossman Gairg when we was sent by Valmour to find lost miners. There was big chasm in the lower chambers, deep ones where the crawlies live. In the bottom, we found another passage with runes and skulls, bossman said it weren’t on map. Then we came to room filled with bones. I started shaking. In the middle was huge gold demon, 20 feet tall at least and breathing smoke
like dragon. Then something rose out of bones. There was screaming everywhere but I didn’t look back. Ain’t nobody got out but me.”

Daigelus also let you in on the secret that the cart shaft that was labeled “broken” was the one that was actually working.

The party let Daigleus know that the way out of the mine was clear.

Moving toward another shaft, the heroes heard an agonizing scream get cut off. After charging in, and defeating several hunched, deformed, cursed former miners, upon searching the room found a dead cultist in the rock crusher, wearing an elaborate holy symbol of Vecna. Unfortunately, Kuori contracted an unnatural disease during the battle, and had to be cured before the party could move on.

Moving down the corridor past the twisted miners, the heroes discovered a stirge nest. After dispatching the stirges, they found the corpse of long-dead adventurer, with a rotting leather backpack and 440pp.

Eventually wandering into another supply room, and finding the mine shafts down, the adventurers began descending into the lower tunnels.

Moonstair Saved!

With King Skalmad and the Stone Cauldron destroyed, the threat of a renewed troll kingdom is ended. Moonstair, Therund, and all neighboring lands are safe.

While returning the Sunwrath blade to Baron Perenon, along the route the heroes hear tales of Valmour Tessount, son of a prominent aristocrat, who needs a party of heroes to investigate a crew of missing miners in his copper mine. Additionally, the heroes have heard several rumors that several cultists have joined a small mining operation nearby. Putting two and two together, our band of heroes has decided to investigate.

The Town of Moonstair

Entrance Cavern

After spending a few minutes searching the fortress, the heroes discovered that it had long since been abandoned. What, then, were the Cyclopses guarding exactly?

The only notable feature of the fortress was a large rift in the open-air courtyard. The heroes decided to investigate by tossing a rock enchanted with a Light spell into the hole. They found a floor twenty feet below. Benedict and Klyred decided to find the floor the hard way.

Glowing fungi scattered dim light throughout the cavern, casting faint shadows across the cracked and pitted floor. Against the wall in the southeast corner, a large catlike creature lied on a bed of straw, long tentacles emerging from its back.

The heroes had discovered a formerly sleeping Displacer Beast. Unfortunately, it’s sleep had been interrupted by party members slipping and falling to the floor.

The creature rose to its feet, its glowing eyes narrowed as it stretched its back and growled. Its tentacles lashed the air as it sprang to attack.

Soon after engaging the beast,

Suddenly, three translucent gray forms stepped out from the stone wall of the cavern. The figures appeared to be trolls — two with wicked serrated claws, the other with an oversized jaw and razor-sharp obsidian teeth. Wisps of shadow streamed off them as they attacked.

The heroes handily defeated the attackers, despite the displacement ability of the beast, and the Ghost Trolls being insubstantial.


A short way down the trail,

The heroes heard snarling voices from what appeared to be a guardhouse ahead. Within the open entryway stood six one-eyed giants, battle axes at the ready as they roared a challenge.

As the party moved up towards the guardhouse,

A shout came from the roof, followed closely by a hail of spears.

The heroes were surprised by cyclops impalers, lurking on the roof, forty feet above. While Juhani and Reed sprinted inside, Benedict, Shamish and Valaar stayed outside to deal with the lurkers on the roof. Two of the lurkers were eventually pulled off the roof, down to the heroes. Klyred positioned himself strategically in the doorway so that he could perform healing on his buddies inside or outside the building.

After a few minutes, the heroes were able to dispatch the enemies.

After catching their breath, the heroes begun searching the fortress.


The next morning, the heroes set off down the trail past the outpost.

The path ahead was partially flooded where water cascaded down from the cliff above. The wide pond was stagnant and murky, with trees and other foliage from the surrounding forest growing up on both sides of the submerged road.

After examining the area, the heroes decided to move past the shallows, when they were attacked!

A couple of huge crocodiles burst from the water in a shower of mud and wet leaves. At the same time, several fast-moving humanoid creatures bound from the trees. They had short swords in their hands, their oversized teeth bared as they attacked.

The heroes were able to dispatch the crocodiles and the quicklings with relative ease.

The party decided to move on without lingering more than a few minutes.

Cliffside Portal and the Outpost

The heroes felt a sudden lurch as the throne chamber blurred, then just as quickly snapped back into focus. They appeared not to have moved at all, yet the roof of the cavern had been replaced by open sky. What were once walls had become towering cliffs heavy with moss, a tree-covered landscape around the party torn through by enormous rifts extending down into darkness.

The color of the throne had darkened to a near-black hue. A rock-slide has shattered the doorway that once led to the chamber to the north. A pale yellow glow radiated from that area.

The party found a door inscribed with Rellanic runes, but were immediately attacked by several Helmed Horrors. The Horrors kept being re-animated by the portal, until the heroes decided to open the portal, instead of continue fighting.

Valaar was able to activate the portal, which deactivated the Horrors. After catching their breath, the party moved on.

After following the path beyond the portal for a time, the heroes found an ancient outpost.

The outpost must once have served as an inspection point for travelers bound for the fortress. Eight pillars supported the ceiling, each carved at the top in the shape of a dragon’s head. The open mouth of each pillar dripped an acrid-smelling viscous green fluid. One of the pillars had been smashed, and a section of the ceiling had fallen here without the support of the pillar.

A hunched and misshapen giant stood before them, her skin a sickly purple-gray. One of her eyes was larger than the other, its catlike iris shot through with black veins. With her deformed arms, she raised a gnarled wooden staff.

The party was set upon by a Fomorian, a native to the Underdark in the Feywild.

With some difficulty, the heroes were able to defeat her.

After the battle, the party had to retreat to a safe area, and set up camp.


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