Jhaelant (Deceased)

Drow Mage


The heroes first met Jhaelant while exploring the city. The broke into his house, which showed no signs of damage, unlike the rest of town they had seen so far.

They began fighting with his guards, a large blackspawn gloomweb and a web golem thresher, for a few seconds until Jhaelant came downstairs and asked them politely to leave. He stated that he did not require or need their help to keep his household safe.

After meeting with Matron Urlvrain, the heroes were convinced that Jhaelant had something to do with the attack against the city, so they returned to confront him.

Jhaelant was preparing to leave Phaervorul, with Orontor, but found out that the heroes had allied themselves with Matron Urlvrain, so he took Orontor hostage, and was ultimately destroyed by the heroes.

Jhaelant (Deceased)

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