Stygian Crypts and Shining Heroes

Of Wizards and Mushrooms

The heroes set about fixing the trapdoor in the floor, after they realized that this ruined house of nobility would probably be a great place to hole up in when they needed a rest.

The next day, the heroes left the house, and began to explore the city further.

Coming upon a barricaded house, that showed almost no signs of damage, the heroes proceeded to unlock the doors and go in.

They were greeted by a stone statue depicting a regal elf seated on a throne of books and three glass tanks lining the wall, each containing a creature floating in bright, blue fluid.

Upon moving into the house, they were greeted, and attacked, by a Web Golem and a Gloomweb. After nearly deafeating them, they were greeted by Jhaelant, a Drow who seemed unconcerned with what was transpiring in the city. He berated them for waking him, and asked them to leave.

Since the adventurers were there to save the city, they decided to heed his words, and explore elsewhere.

After leaving the laboratory, the heroes moved northeast, and found a fungus farm. They were immediately attacked by cave widows, and a couple of other almost spiders, which they were able to defeat handily.

Moving through the city, the heroes discovered some ransacked shops. They were set upon by an umber hulk and a bizarre purple dragon Drow creature. Additionally, two dragonborn raiders were there, too.

During the battle, an abyssal breach appeared above the shops, and wreaked havoc, mostly with the heroes opponents.



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