Stygian Crypts and Shining Heroes

Mine Cart Chase

The cultists attempted to escape via mine carts. The heroes pursued them relentlessly. Several cultists were thrown from their carts as the chase sped up, down and around the caverns.

After a couple of minutes, the tracks suddenly ended in a broken section, with a huge gap to the next section of track. The cultist leader was unable to stop his cart in time!

Eibon’s cart plummeted to the bottom of the 60’ chasm. Lukey attempted to stop the heroes’ first mine cart, but was unsuccessful, and jumped out. Garyn went over the edge in the cart.

Klyred stopped his cart, but decided to dive to the bottom of the chasm to help Garyn. Vier’gara was not off-put by the large distance to Eibon, who had regained his footing after his fall.

After defeating Eibon, and recovering the skull, the heroes began the long hike back to the Ossuary.

When they arrived:

As you approach the ossuary, you are surprised to hear voices from ahead. Drawing close, you see figures hard at work around the statue. Valmour and a group of miners have managed to unhook the statue from its golden chains and are in the process of toppling it.
But before you can interrupt, Valmour suddenly screams. Wreathed in the acrid smoke vented from the statue’s mouth, his skin begins to blister and boil. His bones warp as first he, then the others, are transformed into twisted ones by the power of the tomb’s dark curse.

Eight of the miners emerge from the smoke with bone spurs jutting through their misshapen flesh. One has grotesque distended jaws and clutches a staff made of its own bones. Two have transformed to creatures of ogrelike proportions, muscle writhing beneath their skin. Valmour’s misshapen body is wreathed in the glow of purple lightning as he suddenly wheels toward you. With a shriek, he and the others attack.

Valmour and his crew put up one heck of a fight, but in the end were vanquished.

The skull was returned to it’s resting place, thus ending the curse. Klyred and Garyn worked to seal the tomb again, to deter future looters.



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