Stygian Crypts and Shining Heroes


A short way down the trail,

The heroes heard snarling voices from what appeared to be a guardhouse ahead. Within the open entryway stood six one-eyed giants, battle axes at the ready as they roared a challenge.

As the party moved up towards the guardhouse,

A shout came from the roof, followed closely by a hail of spears.

The heroes were surprised by cyclops impalers, lurking on the roof, forty feet above. While Juhani and Reed sprinted inside, Benedict, Shamish and Valaar stayed outside to deal with the lurkers on the roof. Two of the lurkers were eventually pulled off the roof, down to the heroes. Klyred positioned himself strategically in the doorway so that he could perform healing on his buddies inside or outside the building.

After a few minutes, the heroes were able to dispatch the enemies.

After catching their breath, the heroes begun searching the fortress.



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