Stygian Crypts and Shining Heroes

Entrance Cavern

After spending a few minutes searching the fortress, the heroes discovered that it had long since been abandoned. What, then, were the Cyclopses guarding exactly?

The only notable feature of the fortress was a large rift in the open-air courtyard. The heroes decided to investigate by tossing a rock enchanted with a Light spell into the hole. They found a floor twenty feet below. Benedict and Klyred decided to find the floor the hard way.

Glowing fungi scattered dim light throughout the cavern, casting faint shadows across the cracked and pitted floor. Against the wall in the southeast corner, a large catlike creature lied on a bed of straw, long tentacles emerging from its back.

The heroes had discovered a formerly sleeping Displacer Beast. Unfortunately, it’s sleep had been interrupted by party members slipping and falling to the floor.

The creature rose to its feet, its glowing eyes narrowed as it stretched its back and growled. Its tentacles lashed the air as it sprang to attack.

Soon after engaging the beast,

Suddenly, three translucent gray forms stepped out from the stone wall of the cavern. The figures appeared to be trolls — two with wicked serrated claws, the other with an oversized jaw and razor-sharp obsidian teeth. Wisps of shadow streamed off them as they attacked.

The heroes handily defeated the attackers, despite the displacement ability of the beast, and the Ghost Trolls being insubstantial.



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