Stygian Crypts and Shining Heroes

Entering Phaervorul

After returning Vier’gara to the realm of the living, the heroes entered Phaervorul, and began exploring the Low District.

Low District

Slave Quarters

Upon entering the town, the heroes began exploring the low district. The first building they came upon was a walled compound atop a slight rise. After seeing movement inside, and the large set of doors open, the heroes moved to investigate.

The heroes found themselves inside a courtyard, covered in bedrolls, blankets and partly devoured drow guards, flanked by two savage minotaurs and a war troll! Along the battlements were goblin archers.

The heroes had apparently interrupted a slave revolt. Not looking to remain enslaved, the building’s denizens fought savagely, to their untimely end.

During the battle, a mind flayer approached the party, and attempted to capture and feed upon one of the heroes. Fortunately, teamwork prevailed, as the heroes were victorious!

Ruined Merchant House

After putting down the slave revolt, the heroes moved to the nearest building, a fine house upon a flat-topped bluff. Upon closer inspection, it was plain to see that the front door was missing, and the surrounding frame had been destroyed.

Moving inside, our heroes discovered several undead ghouls. While attempting to destroy them, the heroes were attacked by a hook horror and a vrock.
Klyred was finally able to get into position to invoke Melora’s wrath upon the undead, and soon putting down the monsters was quick work.

While inspecting the house, the party discovered a trapdoor set into the floor in the corner of a storeroom. Once they were able to force it open, they found a drow slave named Zaelin, formerly of House Adinklyrve, who hid before the attack. The heroes were barely able to get her to calm down enough to speak! She finally related only that undead and demons were responsible for the attack, and that a fearsome drow vampire led them.



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